2019 Scholarship Announcement

2019 WJF III Rural Medicine Scholarship Ceremony

The recipient of this year’s scholarship will be announced at the Senior Awards Night Presentation at the Del E Webb Center.

William (Bil) J. Firth III, M.D. was a kind and compassionate physician who was committed to providing his patients with the best in modern medical care. In this pursuit, Dr. Firth believed that medicine, rural medicine in particular, was about more than just treating conditions. He practiced medicine with genuine care for Wickenburg’s residents which included a firm belief in the importance of developing mutual trust and respect with his patients.

“I can’t leave my patients, he would say. So he, for almost a quarter of a century, did all he could to make the folks of Wickenburg feel better and live longer and happier lives.” – Anne G. Firth

Founded in 2014, in honor of Dr. Firth and his vision for rural healthcare, the Firth family created a college scholarship fund to award financial assistance to qualifying Wickenburg high school graduates pursuing a career in the medical field. Over the past five years, the Dr. Firth Rural Medicine Scholarship has helped five Wickenburg High School graduates pursue their dreams.

“It is our hope that this scholarship in some small way may help a future medical care provider fulfill their dreams and return to Wickenburg to care for and love the folks of Wickenburg as he did.”- Anne G. Firth.

In Remembrance

In remembrance of Dr. Firth — who he was and his hope for the future — is a quote from an article published a few years before his passing.

“Those who know me know that I do not play golf, bowl or ride horses. I am an avid reader and my major interest is Health Care Reform. I have been a patient having undergone major cardiac surgery which provides me a unique perspective as a health care provider. I have been on both sides of the examining table. My hope for the future is to be one of the guiding forces for further development of medical services and care for the town of Wickenburg and surrounding areas.”

Originally published in April 2019 at wickhosp.com