Simplify Your Medication Routine with E-Z MedPak

Did you know studies show more than half of patients on multiple medications do not take them correctly?

Managing medications can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With active schedules and multiple prescriptions to keep track of, it’s no surprise medication errors are common. Advances in healthcare technology have developed solutions making medication management simple.

One solution is the E-Z MedPak packaging service. This innovative service provides pre-sorted packets customized to your unique needs, making it easy to stay on track with your medication regimen.

The good news for you is, Wickenburg Community Hospital’s (WCH) and Congress Pharmacies offer the E-Z MedPak medication packaging service to our community free of charge and will deliver your prescriptions to your front door!

WCH Pharmacy’s E-Z MedPak provides a wide range of benefits for patients who struggle with managing their medications. Here are a few of the benefits for you to consider:

Personalized Service: each medication packet is specific to you, including the medication type, dosage, and frequency. This personalized method makes certain that you take the correct medications on the right day at the right time.

Convenience: eliminates the need for sorting and organizing your medications, which can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. You simply open the packet for the appropriate day and time! This also makes it easier to manage medications on-the-go.

Increased Medication Adherence: medications are pre-sorted and packaged into easy-to-use daily packets making it easier for you to stay on track and reduces the risk of you missing doses.

Improved Safety: medication errors are common. With E-Z MedPak, each packet is labeled with your name, the medication name, and the dosage instructions giving you peace of mind knowing you are taking the correct medication at the right time.

By making the process of taking medications simple and reducing the risk of errors, WCH Pharmacy’s E-Z MedPak packing service makes it effortless to maintain your health and independence.

If you or a loved one struggles with managing your medications or you just want to make your life a little easier, please call our pharmacy at (928) 684-4380 to learn more about E-Z MedPak medication packaging service and how it can improve the quality of your life.

This service is made possible by funding from Wickenburg Community Hospital Foundation.