Grant Awarded to Train Next Generation of Nurses at Wickenburg Community Hospital & Clinics

We are thrilled to share exciting news that directly impacts the quality of care you receive.

Wickenburg Community Hospital Foundation (WCHF) has been awarded a substantial grant of more than $430,000 as part of Arizona’s workforce program to address the critical shortage of healthcare professionals, including nurses.

As you may be aware, the shortage of nurses has been a concern for years, and the challenges were further intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Experienced nurses retired early, while others sought opportunities with agencies offering higher pay and more flexibility. In response to these pressing needs, the state of Arizona provided timely support to WCHF to develop a nursing preceptor program that will help train the next generation of nurses at WCH.

The nursing preceptor program aims to address the challenges associated with the limited availability of experienced nurses. By leveraging the grant funds, WCH will match nursing students from Arizona State University with preceptors in various areas of the Hospital. In a rural hospital setting like ours, the role of a nurse preceptor extends beyond conventional patient care duties. Our experienced preceptors understand the intricacies of delivering healthcare in resource-limited settings, and they will work closely with new nurses to ensure they acquire the necessary skills and adapt to the specific demands of our hospital.

What does this mean for you, our valued patient? It means an even higher level of care and expertise at WCH. The nursing preceptor program will bridge the gap in experience, allowing new nurses to quickly acquire essential clinical competencies. With personalized guidance, support, and real-time feedback from their preceptors, these new nurses will develop confidence and proficiency, ensuring safe and effective patient care.

We also recognize the importance of nurturing and retaining our talented nursing professionals. By providing guidance and mentorship, the nursing preceptor program will alleviate feelings of isolation and overwhelm, leading to improved job engagement and a higher likelihood of nurses continuing their careers right here at WCH. This program not only benefits our patients but also contributes to the long-term stability and sustainability of the nursing workforce.

Jackie Lundblad, president and CEO of WCH, emphasizes, “The nursing preceptor program allows WCH to invest in the development of new nurses while ensuring we continue to deliver the highest quality of care. Our goal is to foster the next generation of nursing professionals right here at WCH.”

This grant and collaboration with Arizona State University were made possible by HB 2691, an initiative passed by the state legislature in 2022 to meet Arizona’s healthcare needs while providing quality, high-wage jobs. It demonstrates the commitment of healthcare organizations like ours to ensure a strong nursing workforce for the benefit of our community.

We are genuinely excited about the positive impact the nursing preceptor program will have on patient care at Wickenburg Community Hospital. As always, we remain dedicated to providing you with exceptional healthcare services. Thank you for entrusting us with your care.

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