We’ve Got Some Seriously Exciting News!

We are excited to announce that the infusion chairs have arrived!!! They are equipped with heat and massage to help our oncology patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

Wickenburg Community Hospital and Clinics (WCH), and City of Hope Phoenix, formerly known as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, have established a partnership that delivers innovative cancer care to residents of Wickenburg and its surrounding rural communities without having to travel far for appointments.

Generous donors at our 19th Annual Amigos Trail Ride & Drive supported Wickenburg Community Hospital Foundation (WCHF) by purchasing seven infusion chairs for Boyd Infusion Center. In partnership with WCH, the Foundation focuses on improving, growing, and adapting to meet the ever-changing health and wellness needs of the rural communities we serve.

Initially, cancer patients preparing for chemotherapy tend to worry about managing the side effects of treatment. However, one aspect they may not consider until they begin chemo is the significant amount of time spent sitting in an infusion chair. Our infusion nurse specialists at WCH understand the importance of this aspect of treatment, which is why they requested help from WCHF to replace the current infusion chairs that had been in use for more than five years.

“One of our primary responsibilities as healthcare providers is to ensure that our patients are as comfortable as possible during infusion therapy,” shared Erika Braaksma, Executive Director of WCHF. “When we considered the amount of time our patients spend in these chairs, we made this fundraising project a priority and I’m pleased to report that through the generous support of our donors, we raised enough to purchase seven new chairs.”

To achieve this, we relied on the generosity of people like you who wish to shape the future of our community.

Please join our generous donors and make a personally meaningful contribution to the Foundation by visiting our donation page at https://bit.ly/2GivetheGiftofHealth.

If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about oncology services, please contact the WCH/ City of Hope Phoenix nurse navigator at 928-264-6527 to inquire about receiving treatment right here in Wickenburg.