Teladoc® Technology: What it means for you and your loved ones.

Firsthand Testimony: How Teladoc® Technology saved a life and transformed patient care at Wickenburg Community Hospital – hear from Diana Braun, EMT, RN, and Certified Sedation Nurse.

Innovative medical technology is crucial in any healthcare setting. It is especially important in rural communities that often face unique challenges accessing high-quality healthcare services.

Wickenburg Community Hospital (WCH) has invested in Teladoc® Technology. This technology is used in the Emergency Room and Acute Care to assess patients who may be having a stroke or heart attack in real-time.

Diana Braun, an EMT, RN, and Certified Sedation Nurse at WCH has experienced this technology firsthand. “A patient was admitted to the acute unit with shortness of breath and congestive heart failure, and without a local cardiologist, Charge RN Karen Bardin suggested using the Teladoc® Technology for a cardiologist consult” shared Diana.

She went on to describe how the Teladoc® unit was placed at the patient’s bedside and immediately the remote cardiologist started speaking with the patient. During the consult, a specialized stethoscope connected to the Teladoc® unit allowed the remote cardiologist to listen to the patient’s lung and heart sounds. This made the patient’s stay at WCH possible, otherwise, she would have had to be transferred for an outside cardiology consult. Diana said “It was exciting for me to witness.”

Teladoc® strengthens the Hospital’s capacity to offer additional specialty care – for example, cardiology – allowing patients to stay in Wickenburg closer to home versus being transferred to another hospital.

What this means for our patients is that they do not have to travel long distances to receive specialized care, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

In March, Wickenburg Community Hospital Foundation (WCHF) held its 35th Annual Diamonds & Denim Dinner and Dance. Thanks to generous donations, sponsorships, a Taste of Wickenburg Raffle, and volunteers, we raised the funds necessary to purchase Teladoc® Technology for WCH.

WCHF would like to send a warm thank you to our community for facilitating the purchase of the additional Teladoc® units that are vital to the patient-centered care we provide Wickenburg and the surrounding rural communities we serve.

If you or a loved one has questions regarding services or would like further information on Teladoc® Technology, feel free to contact us at 928-684-5421.

In partnership with WCH, the Foundation focuses on improving, growing, and adapting to meet the ever-changing health and wellness needs of the rural communities we serve.

To achieve this, we rely on the generosity of people like you who wish to shape the future of our community.

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